Electricians in Glendale AZ

Whether you have a new home that needs electrical wiring or your current system isn’t working properly, you need the help of an experienced electricians in Glendale AZ. Electricians are highly trained, knowledgeable and always put safety first.

Having a faulty electrical system can result in serious injuries, shocks and even death. Call Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical today to get your Glendale AZ electrical repairs done safely and efficiently.


When it comes to wiring, it’s important that you hire a Glendale AZ electrician who knows what they’re doing. Not only will they make sure your wiring is safe, but they’ll also be able to fix any problems that arise.

Wiring devices are used to protect electrical circuits and ensure that the wiring is correctly connected. Without them, your circuits could break, creating a dangerous fire or shock hazard that may be deadly.

The wires used in wiring systems are sized based on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system and are rated according to their current-carrying capacity. They’re also insulated to prevent electrical shocks.

Panel Upgrades

If your electrical panel isn’t keeping up with the demands of modern home appliances, you may be in need of a panel upgrade. A qualified electrician can provide upgrades and installation of circuit breakers, replacement of fuse boxes, and more to help your electrical system operate efficiently to meet your electricity needs.

Whether you’re upgrading your current electrical system or building a new one, a licensed electrician can assist with everything from calculating capacity requirements to designing the best panel to suit your needs and installing it safely. They can also ensure everything is up to code and ready for permit inspections.

The panel is the heart of your home’s electricity system. It contains multiple circuit breakers that transfer power throughout the house and distributes it to different subpanels. It also includes fuses that protect the circuits from tripping and overloading.

Fuse Boxes

When a circuit gets overloaded, the fuse or circuit breaker cuts off the flow of electricity. This protects your home from overheating, fires, and short circuits.

Fuse boxes were commonly installed in homes before the 1960s, but today, they’re often replaced by electrical panels. These boxes are easier to use and offer more reliability than fuses.

They also have better protection than fuses, which can fail to shut off under current overload. A fuse blows when a hot wire touches anything grounded, such as a metal pipe or an outlet.

You can know whether your fuse has blown by visually testing it or with the help of a device called a continuity tester or ohmmeter. A broken fuse should be replaced with a new one.

Electrical Repairs

Having a properly functioning electrical system is important for your safety and the longevity of your home. While you may be tempted to do the work yourself, hiring a licensed electrician is a surefire way to avoid the high cost of mistakes and possible injuries.

The best electric companies will offer a full range of services to meet your needs, from new panel upgrades and electrical wiring to rewiring an entire home and replacing or adding outlets. They will also be happy to help you with the latest tech, such as a smart home system or an energy efficient lighting plan.

The best way to find an electrician that matches your needs is to get in touch with an expert, such as a Glendale based team at Christian Brothers Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical. With a wealth of experience, they can handle everything from an occasional light bulb replacement to a full blown electrical overhaul. To learn more about our service or to book an appointment, contact us today!